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GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 11.30 meter X2K Sport RIB is a development of an offshore racing boat from Sweden. And our recreational craft have the same focus on quality and performance as our military models. It has double ventilating steps to reduce friction, and offers sea-keeping, fuel efficiency, speed, and excellent maneuverability.

This model is soft riding and surprisingly dry, and features sunbed-sofas, and a console that can be outfitted with toilet and shower. It can also be fitted with a permanent canopy.

The X2K RIB is also designed to fit in a 40 foot cargo container, ensuring safe and cost effective transportation.

CONSTRUCTION Is from the latest Vacuum Resin Infusion process, using all vinylester resin and PVC closed cell composite sandwich construction. It is made of multi-directional, non-woven E glass layers, with Carbon Fibre strengthening on the full-length stringers. The PVC core increases panel stiffness and results in a structure that is lightweight, yet strong and robust.

RIB SYSTEM Made by Henshaw Inflatables Ltd, who are acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of Inflatable tubes/Collars to RIB builders both in the UK and throughout the world. Founded in 1972 they have many years of experience designing and building tubes for the Inflatable Boat Building Industry. The X2K RIB Collars are manufactured using Hypalon© coated fabric, and incorporate 9 separate compartments with automatic pressure relief valves.

ENGINES & STEERING It can be powered by a single, or twin outboard motors with counter-rotating propellers, and can reach speeds of 54 knots with twin 300 hp. The steering system is hydraulically operated with power assist, to give a light responsive helm. All controls are clearly visible and accessible.